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Melale International Educational Institute

Persian language, culture and art learning center

International Melale complex aims to promote Persian culture, artworks, and architecture to enthusiastic audiences on a fascinating presentation. Melale Persian is the way to receive rich educational materials in various fields, including Tourism, Architecture, Music, which all relate to this distinguished legacy.


Unique Method


Experienced Lecturers


Rich Educational Materials

Money-back guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

MelalePersian Departments

Vast and specialized services (from courses to online shop) of MelalePersian website are provided in the below departments. The Supervisors of each department are chosen as the best experts in that field. You can contact them via contact forms, emails, and telephone numbers on each department page.

Online Store - Shahkar (Coming Soon)

Why do I choose MelalePersian?

MelalePersian is the biggest online and offline shop for learning language, literature, architecture, and art of rich Persian heritage. With the aim of promoting and obtaining cultural interactions. The services have vast and divergence provided for interested individuals with considering to highest quality. This international, Iranian-French, company is trying to be the best representative of Iranian artistic works around the world.

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