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Life is a story.

At times, it is only a word; hello, goodbye.
Other times, a sentence; a page; or even a book.
Each incident and phenomenon has a story behind it.
The story of creation. The story of music. The story of the dance. The story of the river.
The story of the mountain. The story of the sky. The story of the wind, the sun, the moon…
Sometimes, these stories have deep roots in mythologies and other times in folk beliefs.
We will discuss these roots, and the aim of their discussion is to make clear the fact that man has always been replete with questions and trying to find answers
for the ambiguities.
At the end of each semester, perhaps some or several questions will arise in the mind of learners, which is in fact the ultimate goal of these sessions.
We will interpret the shared spirit among cultures throughout the sessions.
We will discuss the prism-like nature of culture and various colors of different worldviews and lifestyles of human beings.
The ancient and temporary literature of Iran are related to one another through the bridges of thought and culture, and this connection is verily firm and strong.