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Our aim at Melale Institute is to create a comprehensive and professional platform for all those interested in learning. A platform that offers the best educational courses by the best instructors for those interested from all over the world. Part of our activities at Melale Institute is to offer educational tourism courses designed in a scientific manner with extensive tours for learners. Given the type of subjects, these courses can be held in-person inside and outside of Iran for various age groups.

In adult courses, we offer educational tours comprised of general and specialized subjects to all interested learners. The aim here is to offer practical courses with high quality in a tangible and suitable environment with high standards.
The courses include:

  • Architecture (two weeks to several months)
  • History (two weeks to several months)
  • Music (two weeks to several months)
  • Language and literature (two weeks to several months)
  • Etc.

We offer a wide variety of other tours, among them: Iranian studies, cooking, traditional crafts, handicrafts, making Iranian instruments, getting to know Iran’s nature and climate, and many other.

Our children’s courses are designed especially to be suitable for this age group and include tours outside of Iran with Iranian themes.
The courses include:

  • Persian language and culture course – for ages 8 to 12 (two weeks to one month)
  • Persian language and culture course – for ages 12 to 18 (two weeks to one month)

On the other hand, excelling in the highly competitive atmosphere of the world’s third rising industry – tourism – depends upon the special expertise and skills that we have gathered here at Melale, in keeping with international standards, for those who want to truly stand out. In doing so, we have made it our mission to offer courses for interested learners inside and outside of Iran. Therefore, subjects related to the international tourism industry are offered in the form of online webinars and in-person courses in the following areas of specialized educational tours inside and outside of Iran on the tourism and hospitality industry.

It should be noted that all the in-person activities of the tourism department will take place in collaboration with reputable travel agencies. Also, it needs to be mentioned that all the educational tours will take place dependent upon Covid19 conditions getting better and after having obtained all the necessary social permits.