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Through the vast geographical expanse of Iran and at all locations in this ancient cradle of civilization, there are human dwellings that make use of the thinking of Iranian people and various environmental and cultural conditions to create architectural works; each of which presents their particular expression in line and as a continuation of other such works and have achieved world renown.

We believe that the world can become a better place for living using the thousands of years of architectural achievements in the geographical area of Iran, and to achieve this goal, it is necessary that what has been discovered for us by historians and archeologists, especially in the last two centuries from ancient architectural areas and spaces (from written and oral sources) be presented to the world.

We in the “Architecture Group of Melal Institute” wish to open a window to the world of Iranian architecture for audiences across the globe. We aim to combine the great and valuable concepts of Iranian architecture with the needs of the current world and therefore must seek the language of Iranian architecture in unison with the international language of architecture.

Iranian architecture cannot be introduced to the audience simply in the area of structures. Those interested in this art must also simultaneously be familiar with the development backgrounds of this architecture. In the Architecture Group of Melal Institute, the aim is to not only introduce and analyze Iranian architecture but also expand on its apparent and hidden aspects including geography, history, and culture.