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Symbolism in Ancient Persia

January 25, 2022

Symbols are the oldest and most basic methods of expression. A tool that creates meaning in concepts that can otherwise not be expressed. A whole sum symbol encompasses all human aspects; the soul, intellect, and emotions. Symbols are unique elements of human communication that require special characteristics both to send and receive messages. Their main […]

Isfahan, Zayandehrud, and water

January 25, 2022

Maadis or systems of canals are streams that originate from Zayandehrud, connecting the East side of the river to the west. These canals are a testament to the creativity of the inhabitants of the region to help flow the water from Zayandehrud to Isfahan plains for agricultural and urban usage. In actuality, one of the […]

Amazing Rural Life of Meymand

January 23, 2022

The historic and dugout village of Maymand is located to the east of Babak city in the North western part of Kerman Province in Iran. This village is located in the southern foot of the dormant volcano of Masahim. This village has been dug out on five levels and contains 400 residential dwellings. The overall […]

Iranian People and Iranian Architecture

July 15, 2021

Security is the second most important human need after food and security can be achieved when humans have access to dwellings, they can use to protect themselves. These dwellings must not only protect humans from occurrences that threaten their existence but must also provide confirmable conditions based on human physiology and its differences with other […]

Introduction to Ancient Iranian Architecture

July 15, 2021

Ancient Persian architecture refers to anything built by Iranian intellectuals before the Arab invasion of 633CE. The incursions by Arabs against Iran finally destroyed the powerful Sassanid dynasty. This was the start of the process that resulted in the Islamization of Iran through several centuries, it can be said that among various groups who have […]

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History and origin of Persian language

August 5, 2021

Persian language, also known as Farsi, is a branch of Indo-European languages in Indo-Iranian languages family. Persian is the official language in Iran and Tajikistan, and it is one of the official languages in Afghanistan. It is called Farsi in Iran, Tajiki in Tajikistan, and Dari in Afghanistan.There are 110 million speakers of Persian language […]

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